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Shortcastle Technologies is a chess Tech company run by FIDE Rated Chess Players, FIDE Certified Coaches and Backed by Grandmasters. Our HQ is in Canada, with branches in India and Singapore.


GAMIFICATION: The application of typical elements of game playing (e.g point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas  of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service. As a chess coach gamification is the bedrock of your chess academy because promoting the game of chess does not only build great chess players but also helps students apply their knowledge in other areas...Gamification is an approach that converts difficult life situations to fun and should be embraced by all.

Chess: It's origin, evolution and the role played by modern technology in it's mastery.

Arguably one the World's greatest technical board game played by millions over the globe, a unique battle between minds on a board of 64 squares, checkered pattern and with it's unique pieces, the game of chess from it's existence was between two players playing to outsmart their opponents using strategies and skills acquired by critical thinking, training and consistent practice.

How Giving The Right Feedback To Students Make Them Better Chess Players

Research says effective feedback in training is an important tool for improvement. This is an integral step of deliberate practice. However, giving the right feedback becomes an indispensable instrument in the path of progress. While the main purpose of feedback is to help the students understand the topic in relation to where they stand, it also important to figure out the weak gaps of knowledge. Feedback which comes attached with a clear guidance to close those weak gaps help the students improve their learning and makes it clear what is actually expected of them.

8 Skills Which Define A Good Chess Trainer

World Renowed Chess Trainer Mark DvoretskyA Chess Trainer is a Chess player first. To impart the knowledge and experience, it is essential for the Trainer to share passion towards the game. Training style is instrumental in igniting the imagination inside students. To bring out long-standing impact, it is important for Trainer to be equipped with certain skills that will make them more approachable and interesting to all the seekers of chess knowledge. Here are few essential skills.

5 Difficulties That Modern Chess Trainers Can Face

The Famous Botvinnik Chess SchoolGiven the penetration of technology into every human sphere, the 21st-century trainer has more tools to his advantage. Trainers who have the responsibility of teaching students in the best possible manner will have to face the below-mentioned problems. To make this explanation a bit more comprehensive, you can lay hands on the modern approaches to teaching in contrast to the age-old online or offline coaching practices that were in vogue.

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