Experiences in Life through Chess

Ways to strategically improve your chess

“Every chess master was once a beginner “according the prolific chess player and author Irving Chernev, with this, alot of chess players just conclude that they would definitely improve and be a master someday even without studying, solving exercises, playing tougher opponent’s, analysis of Grandmasters games and more…Irving Chernev with his passion and love for the sport has shown that with the necessary sacrifice, a beginner can attain success as he had the strength of a National Master despite being an Author…In this article, I will be revealing some methods through which a beginner or intermediate chess players can systematically develop their understanding of the game of chess. (more…)

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6 Growth Mindset Tips for Chess Training | Shortcastle

Fixed Mindset can be detrimental in a learner’s progress. “I don’t have it in me” or “I can’t do it” or other such jeopardizing beliefs can be very harmful. It is very important to encourage or incorporate growth mindset messages into chess lectures. In fact, changing a student’s mindset itself can help them to boost their game performance. Let’s see six simple ways to cultivate growth mindsets to our students. (more…)

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How Trainers Can Help Students Mitigate Nervousness

It is quite common for students to have nervousness before the start of a tournament, which adversely affects their play and results. For some students, the anxiety is only mild and is seen only during initial rounds but it can be an alarming issue for certain students. Whether the nervousness is mild or if it is a serious problem, trainer can play a crucial role in alleviating it to large extent. Some deliberate changes in the way trainer approaches these students can help them a lot to overcome nervousness and enjoy the game. (more…)

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5 Difficulties That Modern Chess Trainers Can Face

The Famous Botvinnik Chess School

Given the penetration of technology into every human sphere, the 21st-century trainer has more tools to his advantage. Trainers who have the responsibility of teaching students in the best possible manner will have to face the below-mentioned problems. To make this explanation a bit more comprehensive, you can lay hands on the modern approaches to teaching in contrast to the age-old online or offline coaching practices that were in vogue. (more…)

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